Tako Test 2

Tako Agency Collaborator

The dream first began in a cramped, Tribeca, New York apartment. Friends and roommates discussing a better way to keep their valuables safe and secure while working out.

If you listen to any sort of audio while working out, then you know how annoying it can be for your phone to suddenly slip and fall out of your pocket, ripping your earbuds out on the way down.

Even if you don’t have wired earbuds in, you could still break your phone this way. At the very least your set is getting interrupted – and no one likes that.

With this dilemma in mind, every under-layer in Wolaco’s compression bottom line has a sweat-proof “media pocket” neatly sewn against one of the thighs of the pants or short. On the other thigh there is a similar “auxiliary pocket” for slightly smaller items like keys or credit cards. This is what makes Wolaco so unique.

In addition to compression bottoms for both men and women, the company offers a line of hoodies and T-shirts.