Pure, delicious Peppermint tea, packed with health benefits and caffeine-free so you can enjoy it any time of day. 

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All About Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world, and has been enjoyed for over a thousand years. Its powerful aroma is immediately recognizable, and it's delicious on its own or blended with any other tea you enjoy. 

If you're looking for a healthy, flavor packed herbal tea you can enjoy any time of day, peppermint tea is perfect.

Health Benefits

Sooth an Upset Stomach: The cooling effect of peppermint tea can improve circulation and relieve inflammation that causes stomach pains.

Improve Digestion: A study done at the University of Exeter showed that peppermint tea moves gas throughout the body thus relieving the feeling of bloating and cramps.

Treat Bad Breath: The aromatic scent of peppermint tea helps to camouflage bad breath while antibacterial properties work from within to kill the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath in the first place.

Fight Cold and Flu: Peppermint tea has antibacterial properties that help to ward off bacteria that are harmful to your immune system.

Reduce Fever: One of the main ingredients in mint tea is menthol, which has been shown to help break a fever.

Improved Focus: Studies have shown the scent of menthol stimulates the hippocampus area that controls mental clarity and focus.

Prevent Nausea: Peppermint tea has antispasmodic properties that can treat the feelings of nausea and prevent vomiting.

Reduce Stress: Peppermint tea contains natural sedative qualities that help you unwind after a long day. 

More Info

Origin: The Northwest USA

Caffeine Level: None, it's herbal

Brewing Hot: Use 1 tsp per 8oz of boiling water, and let steep for 5-10 minutes.

Brewing Cold: Steep 10 teaspoons in a quart of boiling water, then add 3 quarts cold water and refrigerate.

Mix With: Fresh mint, or have it on its own!

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