This black tea blend has a full taste that features the sweet and smooth flavors of natural coconut. This tea will instantly remind you of a warm beach, as you relax with your nose in a good book and your toes buried in the sand. The bright pieces of coconut mixed in with classic black tea make this a wonderful option, whether served hot or over ice.

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Oral Health

The antimicrobial compounds in coconut may help to fight common oral bacteria and reduce plaque build up.

Improved Memory

Studies suggest that coconut may have a positive cognitive effects on patients with Alzheimer's.

Bone Health

Studies suggest that coconut may have a positive effect on bone metabolism, which may slow bone loss post menopause.

Weight Loss

Mice fed a black tea supplement while on a high sugar diet had less weight gain than mice without the black tea.

Headache Relief

Antioxidants in black tea may help relieve tension headaches faster than standard painkillers.


Black tea is high caffeine, perking you up without the jitteriness of coffee.

Why Island Coconut Black Tea?

If you love coconut, you will definitely enjoy it paired with your black tea! We've brought together our premium black tea with coconut chunks into a flavored black tea you won't want to put down, especially because it will give you the warmest tropical vibes!

If you're looking for a deliciously flavored black tea to add to your collection, look no further!

Brewing Instructions

Use 1 tsp per 8oz of boiling water, and let steep for 3-7 minutes.

Steep 6 teaspoons in a quart of boiling water, then add 3 quarts cold water and refrigerate.

Mix with milk and/or sugar.

Caffeine Level

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Island Coconut Black Tea

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