This is a delicious Earl Grey tea mixed with lavender petals to create a delicate, aromatic, and floral bouquet unlike any other.

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Black tea is high caffeine, perking you up without the jitteriness of coffee.

Weight Loss

Mice fed a black tea supplement while on a high sugar diet had less weight gain than mice without the black tea.

Headache Relief

Antioxidants in black tea may help relieve tension headaches faster than standard painkillers.

Reduced Inflammation

Lavender tea boasts anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce inflammation and prevent a host of serious ailments.


Lavender tea contains high amounts of antioxidants and antibacterial compounds such as Vitamin C and calcium that may help fend off the common cold and flu.

Respiratory Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender may soothe inflamed muscles in the throat and chest, making it easier to breathe.

Why Lavender Earl Grey Tea?

The lavender of this tea hails from France, while the Earl Grey tea hails from Sri Lanka. This delicate blend beautifully combines the aromatic and floral notes from the lavender pieces with the citrus character of Earl Grey's bergamot. This tea is perfect for a morning boost or a classic afternoon tea.

Brewing Instructions

Use 1 tsp per 8oz of boiling water, and let steep for 3-7 minutes.

Steep 6 teaspoons in a quart of boiling water, then add 3 quarts cold water and refrigerate.

Mix with milk and/or sugar!

Caffeine Level

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Calming and full of flavor. The blend of lavender and bergamot is amazing

A lavendar lover's dream

Nice strong black tea, the lavender permeates the entire cup. I especially like it with a little milk and sugar to smooth the lavendar.


Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Lavender Earl Grey

I bought this tea with skepticism simply because I’m not a fan of lavender. I was totally wrong about this tea! I loved it. The lavender did not over power the flavor of the base Earl Grey.
This tea has become one of my favorites. I highly recommend it.

Lavender Earl Grey Tea

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