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Get two new teas to try each month, straight to your doorstep. Shipping is free in the U.S!

How It Works

Choose Your Box

Want caffeinated teas to wake up with? Decaf teas to wind down? Or a mix? You decide!

Get Your Tea

Each month, our tea lovers pick new teas for you to enjoy, and delivers them to your doorstep. You'll get enough for about 15 cups of each tea.

Save on Your Favorites

You'll get 10% off any tea we send you and access to special deals, teas, and more!

Join the Club

There are so many great teas out there, but it's hard to know what to pick!

We started the Tea of the Month Club to make it super easy for you to find new teas you love, without getting overwhelmed by a huge number of options.

Think of it like getting a couple recommendations from your local tea shop, but without having to leave the house.

Finally, if you don't like the tea you receive, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Find the Perfect Box For You


This box features 2 caffeinated teas per month. For example, you might receive a Sencha Fuji Green and a Milk Oolong tea.

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This box features 2 decaffeinated teas per month. For example, you might receive a Chamomile Lemongrass and a Ginger tea.

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This box features 2 teas that can either be caffeinated or decaffeinated. Perfect if you want one tea for the morning, and one for the evening.

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Easy way to try new tea