Healthy Tea Bundle

Looking for tea with serious health benefits? This bundle has some of our favorite teas that are great for your health.

Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea

Ginger Turmeric tea is a spicy tea that combines two of the healthiest things you can drink.

Organic Sencha Fuji Green Tea

Sencha Fuji is one of your best options to get the many benefits of green tea.

Organic Rooibos Tea

Rooibos or "red tea" brings its own unique set of health benefits with zero caffeine.

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

Iron Goddess of Mercy is one of our premium oolongs, and one of the most beneficial teas for your health.

The Details

This bundle includes 2 ounces (approximately 15 cups) of each of the 4 teas. Each tea is unique in its taste and health benefits, providing a perfect opportunity to test what you like.

Organic Ginger Turmeric tea is a caffeine-free tea that boasts a spicy and fragrant flavor. This tea's benefits include nausea relief, decreased inflammation, improved lung health, and more.

Organic Sencha Fuji Green tea is one of the most popular and loved green teas in the world. We've selected a premium, organic version whose benefits pertain to weight loss, heart and skin health, and more.

Organic Rooibos, also known as "red tea," is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world. It boasts benefits such as smoother digestion, pain and allergy relief, and more.

The Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong is a popular, premium oolong tea known for its rich taste and ability to be re-infused throughout the day, while retaining its flavor. Its benefits include lowered glucose levels, improved oral and heart health, and more.