The name says it all: Nothing but Organic Rosehips in this herbal tea. This caffeine free tea is very aromatic and will soothe you after a great and deserving day!

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Rosehip Tea contains high amounts of vitamin C and A, which help fend off the common cold and flu.


Rosehip Tea boasts anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe stomach muscles to prevent stomach cramps and bloating.

weight loss

Studies suggest that those who drink Rosehip Tea may have lower abdominal visceral fat compared to those who did not.

heart health

The anti-inflammatory properties of rosehip tea may help to reduce inflammation in arteries and blood vessels to improve circulation.

Bone Health

The Arthritis Foundation states that rosehip may decrease inflammation by inhibiting the production of inflammatory proteins.

Stress Relief

Herbal teas are known for their calming effects and has been used as the focal point of social events and unwinding after a long day.

Why Organic Rosehip Tea?

This herbal and organic tea is exactly what it sounds like: 100% Organic Rosehips. This tea is a delicious floral and tangy blend that has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries.

Rose hips grow on wild roses as the flowers fall off of the plant. The rose hip is the fruit of the rose, which means it also has the most vitamin C of the whole plant. 

Brewing Instructions

Use 1 tsp per 8oz of boiling water, and let steep for 5-10 minutes.

Steep 10 teaspoons in a quart of boiling water, then add 3 quarts cold water and refrigerate.

Mix with agave, honey, or sugar!

Caffeine Level

Customer Reviews

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Cup and Leaf’s Rosehip Tea is the third brand I have purchased in my quest for a quality cup of tea. My search is over this product is exquisitely sublime, it speaks quality the moment you open the package; and once you taste this tea it’s true love.


I am enjoying my tea and will try another tea with my discount


Organic Rosehip Tea

Organic Rosehip Tea

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