All About Our Top 8 Favorite Teas

Not sure what tea to start with? Try a sample of our top 8 favorite teas!

You'll get enough tea to make 4-5 cups of each type, while getting to try some of the best teas that we launched Cup & Leaf with. 

This sampler includes:

Milk Oolong: A delicious premium Oolong tea with a creamy finish, this tea is unforgettable by anyone who tries it. 

Earl Grey Cream: This twist on the classic Earl Grey adds vanilla and citrus notes to round out the typically bitter flavor, into a delicious tea that can replace your morning coffee. 

Genmaicha: Green tea mixed with popped brown rice gives it a smooth finish and a unique smell that sets it apart from the traditional green tea you're used to.

Pu-erh Special 3 Year: And this 3-year aged pu-erh has a delicious earthy taste to it while packing an energizing punch of caffeine to get your mind going.

English Breakfast: A classic black tea that's perfect for the morning with a bit of milk or lemon.

Lapsang Souchong: The whiskey of black teas, with a powerful flavor that's unlike any tea you've had before.

Sencha Fuji Green: A subtly fruity green tea for anyone who loves having a classic go-to green tea in their pantry. 

Yerba Mate: The popular Argentinian tea packed with caffeine and some wonderful health benefits.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great opportunity to learn about tea!

Nat and his team did a great job picking our tea did this starter pack - giving me the opportunity to learn more about teas I would’ve never had exposure to otherwise. I will be repurchasing!

Awesome sampler

Every one of these teas has been delicious. Fun way to try a bunch of teas I wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Quality tea at a great price

Very happy with the 8 favorites sampler. Given the price point (good tea is often expensive), I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I'm not a tea expert, but there is such a huge difference between these samples and store-bought tea. As someone who has been trying to incorporate more tea and a bit less coffee into my work days, this has been a great introduction to a wide variety of tea types.

Great sample of teas!

I was really happy with this selection, the milk oolong and sencha green were really yummy and I hadn't tried those before. I wasn't as big on the lapsang, but it was still fun to get to try it.